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IP/IP Multiplexer And Scrambler

IP/IP Multiplexer And Scrambler

Up to 2GbE IP inout per chassis Up to 1600 Mbps GbE IP inputs , up to 800 Mbps GbE IP output Up to 500 input TS, 24 output TS, 1000 DTV programs, be equivalent to 24 sets of multiplexer and scrambler separately Up to 4 CAS simul-cryption De-encapsulatesan...

  • Up to 2 GbE IP inout per chassis

  • Up to 1600Mbps GbE IP inputs,up to 800Mbps GbE IP output

  • Up to 500 input TS,24 output TS,1000 DTV programs, be equivalent to 24 sets of multiplexer and scrambler separately

  • Up to 4 CAS simul-cryption

  • De-encapsulates and Routes Any or All Selected Transport Streams outputs

  • Support processing for multiplexing PSI/SI Table

  • PID filtering,mapping and pass through

  • Auto-generation and manual upload for SI/PSI information

  • SPTS and MPTS supported

  • Transrating of MPEG2/MPEG4 AVC SD and HD

  • Management via WEB and local front panel

  • Integrated, compact 1-RU platform saves rack space and reduces operating costs

  • Low network jitter,low latency,high PCR precision

  • Easy-to-Use System Management

  • Real-time monitoring bit rate statistics

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